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ESI Registration

ESI registration is required to insured to the employees working in an organisation 

and whose salary is below Rs. 21,000. Employer is required to deduct 0.75% of employee

salary & 3.25% of employee salary as his contribution and required to deposit monthly.

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ESI Registration

ESI or Employee’s State Insurance is a health insurance and social security scheme for the workers in India. ESIC or Employees State Insurance Corporation manages all the funds under ESI Act, 1948. ESI registration must be obtained by any factory or establishment which contains 20 or more employees withdraw upto 21,000 per month.

Required documents for the ESI Registration

 The following documents are required for the ESI Registration:

  • A registration certificate or a license is obtained under Shops and Establishment Act or Factories Act,

  • Certificate of registration (Memorandum and Articles of Association in case of a private limited company, partnership deed for LLPs, etc),

  • Certificate of registration for all entities and commencement of production for factory,

  • A list of employees with their monthly compensation,

  •  A list of directors, partners and shareholders of the company,

  •  PAN card of the business and address proof of the firm,

  •  Bank statement of the organization with the evidence of commencement of operation.

Benefits of ESI registration for the Employees

The following are the major benefits of ESI registration:

  • Medical Benefit: Full medical care is provided to the employee and his/her  family under ESI Register. Medical care is also provided to retired or permanently disabled insured persons or their spouses on payment of a token annual premium of Rs.120 Rs.

  • Sickness Benefit: It is the type of Cash Compensation that is provided at the rate of 70% of the salaries/wages payable to worker during the sickness period for the maximum 91days in a year. But to qualify it, the worker should contribute minimum 78 days in a contribution of six months.

  • Disablement Benefit: 90% of wages of the insurer is payable for temporary disability. For the permanent disability 90% of wages is payable on monthly basis.

  • Maternity Benefit: Maternity Benefit is for the pregnancy provided for three months but can be extended further for a month.

  • Unemployment Allowance : Unemployment allowance is payable to an insurer who became unemployed after being insured for two or more years, under the Atal Bimit Vyakti Kalyan Yojana. The following unemployment allowance will be provided:
    Unemployment Allowance equal to 50% of wage for a maximum period of one year.
    Medical care for self and family from ESI Hospitals or Dispensaries during the period IP receives unemployment allowance,
    Vocational Training provided for upgrading skills – Expenditure on fee or travelling allowance borne by ESIC.

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