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TDS Return Filing

TDS return is required to be filed on a quarterly basis (i.e 4 times annually) before 30/31st

of the next month of ending of quarter in 24Q (i.e TDS deducted for employees) 

& 26Q (i.e TDS deducted other than employees)

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TDS Return Filing

TDS stands for Tax deducted at Source. As per Income tax Act, a person making a payment required to deduct tax at source if the payment exceeds a certain threshold limit. It has to be deducted at the rate as prescribed by the Income tax Act, 1961. Tax Deduction and Collection Number (TAN) is a 10 digits alpha number which is required to obtain by all who are responsible to deduct the TDS.

A deductor has to deposit deducted TDS to the Government and the details of the same have to be filed in the form of TDS Return. TDS returns are due on quarterly basis. The due date for the payment of TDS Deducted is 7th of the next month for all months except for March whose due date is 30th April.

Due Date of filing TDS Return

  • Quarter 1 (1st April- 30th June): On or before 31st July

  • Quarter 2 (1st July- 30th September): On or before 31st October

  • Quarter 3 (1st October- 31st December): On or before 31st January

  • Quarter 4 (1st January- 31st March): On or before 31st May

TDS Return Form Type

There are different types of TDS Return Forms depend on the income of the deductee. List of different types of forms below:

  • TDS Form 24Q: An employer deducts TDS while paying salary to an employee under section 192 of the Income Tax Act, which has to be submitted on a quarterly basis specified in the form 24Q.

  • TDS Form 26Q: It is used to file TDS Details on payments made other than salary. When a tax payer pays taxes, the payee deducts TDS on certain occasions. TDS amount that has been deducted has to be submitted on a quarterly basis.

  • TDS Form 27Q: It is used to deduct on payment other than salary made on Non-Residents of India (NRI) and Foreigners. Form 27Q is required to submit on a quarterly basis.

  • TDS form 27EQ: It contains all details pertaining to tax that is collected at source. According to Section 206C of the Income Tax Act 1961, this form must be filed on quarter basis.

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