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Trademark Services

Imagine: you own a brand and you worked very hard to make that well known in

the society however you didn't get that register for your brand (i.e called Trademark)

with the Government and someone copied your brand name and run the business

and got trademark registered in his name before you. 

I know you will feel very angry but you will not be able to do anything as the trade

name owner is not you as per law. So that is why it is the most important step

to register your brand name.

Check out below for more details.

Trademark registration

Trademark Registration

Register your Brand name or\and logo or\and tag line.

Starting From: Rs. 2499

₹ 1499

Reply of objection for trademark

Objection Filing

Drafting of reply and submitting the reply to the required authority

Starting From: Rs. 2999

₹ 1499

Trademark assigment

Trademark Assignment

Want to transfer your trademark name then this service is for you.

Starting From: Rs. 3999

₹ 2999

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