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Bookkeeping/Financial Statement

Bookkeeping is the systematic recording of financial transactions and is the cornerstone of a company's financial health. It involves tracking all income and expenses, maintaining accurate and up-to-date financial records. Good bookkeeping practices enable businesses to manage their cash flow effectively, prepare for taxes, and make informed business decisions based on financial data. It encompasses tasks such as recording sales and purchases, paying suppliers, invoicing customers, and reconciling bank statements. Whether managed in-house or outsourced, bookkeeping's precision is vital for regulatory compliance, financial analysis, and strategic planning, laying the foundation for successful financial management and growth.

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Basic Bookkeeping

Record transactions, track finances, maintain accurate financial records.

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AR Management

Invoice promptly, monitor receivables, ensure timely customer payments

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AP Management

Schedule payments, manage cash flow, maintain vendor relations.

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Financial Reporting

Compile data, analyze performance, inform stakeholders

Income tax consultancy at low cost
Annual Return

Document operations, comply with regulations, file yearly.

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