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Provident fund & Employee State Insurance

Provident fund :

It is a retirement scheme for employees contributed by employer and employee both.

The employer is required to file ECR along with the payment required contribution

of employer & employee on a monthly basis. 

The Employee would be able to withdraw the amount after retirement or after 2 months

of resignation or termination of employment. The employee can also withdraw advance

in the specified required conditions fulfilling.

Check out below for the required services

Employee State Insurance: 

It is a scheme contributed by the employer and employee same as like provident fund

for the medical treatment of the employee in case of any mishappening or contingencies.

The employer is required to file ESIC return on a monthly basis along with the required contribution of employer & employee.

Check out below for the required services

PF return filing

PF ECR Filing

Filing of ECR of PF on a monthly basis along with the required contribution of employer & employee.

Starting from:

₹ 2199

PF registration

PF Registration

PF registration is mandatory for employers having 20 or more employees. PF is social security contributed by employee & employer in India.

Starting From:

 ₹ 2499

ESIC Registration

ESI Registration

ESI registration is compulsory for all employer to obtain and deduct employee part and remit.

Starting From:

 ₹ 2499

ESI return filing

ESI Return

Monthly ESI return is required to be filed along with the monthly payment.

Starting from:

 ₹ 1599

PF Withdrawal

PF Withdrawal

We also deal with the services for the employee also.  We will help in withdrawing your PF & Pension amount.

Starting From:

 ₹ 1499

PF Consultancy

PF Consultancy

We will take your 10 doubts for PF or  ESI related things

Starting From:

 ₹ 999

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