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Change in registered office

Company is required to file with the MCA within 30 days required form if there is change  in the address of the company. eTaxSupport will support you in filing of documents with the MCA with fulfilling of all compliance's

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What is registered office?

Registered Office means to the official correspondence address of an organization or its chief spot of business. The location of the Registered Office will be utilized for every single authority correspondence of the organization.

Requirements for registering the company?

It is critical to announce the registered office of the Company and submit narrative proof to the ROC. Commonly, the accompanying records must be submitted while proclaiming a registered office of an organization during consolidation:

  • Power Bill/Water Bill/Property Tax Receipt

  • No-Objection Certificate (NOC) from Landlord for Registered Office

  • Rental or Lease Agreement among Landlord and the Company

  • Digital signature of owner, directors or partners depending on the type of firm registered

Note that the name and address referenced on the power bill/water bill/property charge receipt precisely coordinate the NOC Certificate from Landlord and the Rental Agreement.

Further, the registered office of an organization can't be an empty land or working under development. Be that as it may, there is likewise no necessity for the registered office to be a business or mechanical property. The registered office of an organization can likewise be a private property.

In the event that the organization has not chosen the registered office of the Company while petitioning for fuse, Companies Act, 2013 gives the choice to the Company to announce an impermanent location. The registered office of the Company should then be proclaimed by recording INC 22 within 30 days of incorporating of the Company.

Change in the address

When the registered office of the organization is registered, the same can be changed at any stage. For changing the registered office suitable technique is to be followed. Notice of each difference in the circumstance of the registered office, after the date of consolidation of the organization, will be given to the Registrar inside thirty days of the change, who will record the equivalent.

On the off chance that the registered office of an organization is to be shifted from one center to the location of another Registrar, at that point the change in registered office must be endorsed by the Regional Director.

Each organization will paint or attach its name, and the location of its registered office, and keep the equivalent painted or appended, outwardly of each office or spot wherein its business is continued, in a prominent situation, in clear letters.

Benefits of registered address

  • Trust and validity - A few customers may guide away from organizations that give no contact address, or just a PO Box number—for instance, individuals may stress that organizations without physical locations may vanish suddenly and completely. Contingent upon your sort of business, having the option to give potential customers a physical location at which they can reach you may enable your business to construct both trust and validity.

  • Proficient picture - These measurements, be that as it may, it very well may be hard for a locally established business to shake the picture a few customers may have of the locally established entrepreneur sitting in bed working in their night robe. A physical location gives your business a progressively cleaned, proficient picture.

  • Meeting place for customers - While it's unquestionably possible to meet customers at their places of business, or lead gatherings at your neighborhood café, if your business requires a great deal of customer gatherings you may in the end need to have your own place for holding customer gatherings. Having a spot where you can meet customers likewise encourages your business to fabricate trust and believability, just as improve your business' expert picture.

Procedure for shifting the office within the state

On the off chance that an organization needs to move the registered office starting with one city then onto the next inside a similar state and ROC, at that point an organization needs to take authorization from the investors. The procedure is as under.

  • An organization needs to pass a board resolution

  • The organization needs to document the INC-22 with MCA along with the required document such as rent agreement, NOC from the landlord, electricity and other documents supporting the address registered in the name of the company. It must be recorded inside 30 days of the date of the goals.

  • The reports to be connected are unique Resolution, Utility bill for street number verification, NOC from proprietor and lease understanding if the spot is leased.

Procedure for shifting the address outside the state

Here, the registered office is moved starting with one state then onto the next. Subsequently the system is to some degree unique in relation to other people. Further, the MOA of the organization is to be modified in light of the fact that the condition of registered office changes.

  • Hold Board meeting and convey the Extra ordinary general meetings of shareholders through notice.

  • Pass a Special goals in EGM for moving of office just as for change of MOA and record the goals MGT-14 with MCA inside 30 days.

  • Organization will likewise send notice to the bank and debenture holder assuming any and to some other administrative body as relevant to the organization.

  • Record an application for moving the registered office to Regional Director alongside the predefined reports.

  • On the off chance that any complaint is gotten, at that point there will be a conference with the central government and fundamental request will be passed.

  • On the off chance that the organization doesn't get any protest, at that point the resolution will be passed with no consultation.

  • The organization needs to record the affirmation got from the RD to both the ROC inside 30 days from the date of the request.

  • Record structure INC-22 to ROC for moving of office inside 30 days from the receipt of the affirmation from RD with the necessary archives.

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