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Limited liability Partnership

Get the benefit of registration of LLP with the proper diligence with checking of

availability of the name. LLP is a combination of the benefit of Partnership firm

& Private limited company.

LLP Registration

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Limited liability partnership or LLP was introduced by Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008 in India to maintain a simple business entity while providing limited liability to the owner. Limited liability partnership has an easy process and simple compliances.

Features of LLP

Authority: limited liability partnership companies are registered under Ministry of Corporate Affairs in India that comes under Central Government.

Limited Liability protection: In limited liability partnership, one partner is not responsible for the liability of another partner and the partners has right to manage the company directly.

Number of Partners: limited liability partnership must have minimum two partners to be registered but it can have unlimited partners. If the number of partner goes below two then the sole partner can find another partner and start working again without dissolution of the company.

Foreign ownership: 100% FDI is allowed or permitted through automatic route in limited liability partnership.

Documents Required for Limited liability partnership

For the Partners:

  • PAN Card for residents or Passport for foreigners,

  • Driving license or Aadhar card or any other identity proof issued by the Government,

  • Bank statement or telephone bill that should be less than three months old.

Registered office Proof:

  • The authorization from the landlord to use the premises by the company as registered office.

  • Proof of evidence of any utility service depicting the address of office.

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