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Trademark Assignment

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Trademark Assignment

Like other properties, Ownership of Intellectual Property can be transferred to the third entity and receive royalty in return. Transfer the Trademark ownership is known as Trademark Assignment in legal terms. If an assignment is partial then it will be known as Licensing. A trademark is assigned by the execution of an agreement between the parties known as Trademark Assignment Agreement, which shows the intention of the assignor to transfer complete or partial ownership of the trademark.

Types of Trademark Assignment

Types of Trademark Assignment

Multiple Trademark Assignments are accepted in India based on the need of the parties. The following are the types of the Trademark Assignment:

  • Complete Assignment: As name suggest that the assignment is complete ownership of a trademark , which shows all the vested rights in the registered trademark will assign to third party.

  • Partial Assignment: In this assignment, an agreement is partial means the transfer of ownership is restricted to certain products and services as decided by the parties in the Trademark Assignment Agreement. The third party cannot be used the mark for any other goods or services except has been transferred in Trademark assignment agreement.


Both complete and Partial Assignment can be made with the assignment of goodwill or without goodwill.

  • Assignment with Goodwill: When an assignment is made with goodwill then the value of the goods and services are also transferred with the assignment.

  • Assignment without Goodwill: In the assignment, the assignor can restrict the assignee’s rights for the goods and services used by him.

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