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Trademark Objection Reply

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Objection is raised by trademark application examiner while examining application

for the various reasons.

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Trademark Objection reply

A trademark is a sign, design or expression which identifies a particular product or service that is different from other sources. A trademark application should be filed with the relevant Trade Mark Registrar in a prescribed format. Then, the Trademark registrar will Issue an Examination Report. The Trademark Examination Report could allow for the trademark application to be advertised before registration or the Trademark Examiner could raise an objection for registration of the mark for further verification.

The applicant has to submit a written reply within 30 Days against the objection for registration to Trade Mark Registrar which should contain reasons, evidence, and facts as to why the mark should be in the favor of the applicant. If the Trademark examines find all reasons are reasonable then he would allow being published in the Trademark Journal, before registration.

How to reply to Trademark Examination Report

The response to Trademark Examination Report should be submitted within 30 Days by the applicant as the “Reply to Examination Report” that can be done online through the Trademark office website or the post with the required documents.

Reasons for the Trademark Objection

The following can be the reasons behind the Trademark Objection:

Use of Incorrect Trademark Form – If the Trademark Form is not filled properly by the applicant, the Trademark Examiner will raise an Objection.

The applicant can correct its trademark application form by filing a request on form TM-16.

Incorrect Applicant Name – The trademark applicant name should be filled properly otherwise the Trademark Examiner can object.

The applicant has to request to file a Form TM-16 to correct its name in the application.

Failure to file Trademark Form TM-48 – Trademark form TM-48 must be attached to the application filed by a Trademark Attorney. It happens when an applicant is filled by a person other than the applicant, a stamp Power of attorney in favor of a particular agent should file.

To overcome this problem the applicant should file a request to correct the TM-48 form.

Incorrect Address on Trademark Application – If the address on the application filled incorrectly by an application, then the Trademark examiner can object. Then, an application can request to file Form TM-16 to correct its address.

Vague Specification of Goods and services – If in the application of trademark registration, the specification of goods and services is too vague then the Trademark examiner can object. For which, an applicant has to request to file a form TM-16.

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