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All about GEM Portal | Government Electronic Marketplace

1. What is Gem?

Government e-Marketplace owes its beginning to the suggestions of two Groups of Secretaries made to the Prime Minister in January 2016. They suggested setting up of a committed e-showcase for various merchandise and administrations acquired or sold by Government/PSUs other than changing DGS&D (Directorate General of Supplies & Goods).

The Finance Minister in his Budget discourse for FY 2016-17, declared setting up of an innovation driven stage to encourage acquisition of merchandise and enterprises by different Ministries and offices of the Government.

DGS&D with specialized help of National eGovernance Division (Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology) has created GeM entryway for Products and Services. The entrance was propelled on ninth August 2016 by the Commerce and Industry Minister.

Acquisition on GeM has been approved by General Financial Rules by rolling out essential improvements in government rules. By and by in excess of 7400 items in around 150 item classes and recruiting of transport administration are accessible on GeM POC entrance. Exchanges for more than Rs 140 Crore have just been prepared through GeM.

GeM is a totally paperless, cashless and framework driven e-commercial center that empowers obtainment of basic use products and enterprises with negligible human interface.

2. Facilities of the GeM portal:

· Posting of items for individual, recommended classes of Goods/Services of basic use

· Look, estimate and purchasing office on powerful evaluating premise.

· Commercial c+enter purchasing of greater part of normal User Items.

· Purchasing Goods and Services on the web, as and when required.

· Single window framework for totaling requests and requesting

· Straightforwardness and simplicity of purchasing

· Helpful for low worth purchasing and furthermore for mass purchasing at serious value utilizing reverse Auction/e-offering.

· Constant seller rating framework.

· Easy to use run board for purchasing and checking supplies and installments

· Merchandise exchange

3. Advantages for buyers

· Rich posting of items for singular classifications of Goods/Services

· Search, Compare, Select and Buy office

· Purchasing Goods and Services on the web, as and when required.

· Straightforward and simplicity of purchasing

· Consistent merchant rating framework

· Easy to use run board for Buying and observing supplies and installments

· Simple Return policy

4. Advantages for the sellers

· Direct access to all Government offices.

· One stop search for showcasing with negligible efforts.

· One stop search for offers/turn around sell off on items/administrations

· New Product Suggestion office accessible to Sellers

· Dynamic valuing: Price can be changed dependent on economic situations

· Vender neighborly dashboard for selling and observing of provisions and installments

· Predictable and uniform buy systems

5. Features of GeM portal:

· Transparency – GeM dispenses with human interface in merchant enlistment, request situation and installment preparing, as it were. Being an open stage, GeM offers no section hindrances to bonafide providers who wish to work with the Government.

At each progression, SMS and email notices are sent to both purchaser, his/her head of association, paying specialists just as venders.

On the web, cashless and time bound installment on GeM is encouraged through incorporation with PFMS and State Bank Multi Option System (SBMOPS); web-administrations reconciliation is being reached out to installment frameworks of Railways, Defense, major PSUs and State Governments.

Consistent procedures and online time-bound installment, which is additionally ordered by the Department of Expenditure, has offered certainty to the sellers and diminished their 'authoritative' cost associated with seeking after officials for convenient installment.

· Efficiency – Direct buy on GeM should be possible surprisingly fast and the whole procedure is on the web, start to finish coordinated and with online instruments for evaluating value sensibility.

For obtainments of higher worth, the offering/Reverse Auction (RA) office on GeM is among the most straightforward and productive, in contrast with e-acquirement frameworks stylish inside the Government area.

For making an offer/RA, the purchaser doesn't have to make his/her own specialized particulars as they have been normalized on GeM. The offer/RA can be made very quickly and settled inside at least 7 days. The offer/RA is advised by means of email and SMS to all the qualified providers; new providers are likewise told once they get themselves enlisted online on GeM and are resolved as 'qualified' by the framework.

GeM offering/RA in this way guarantees rivalry, reasonable play, speed and productivity and prompts legitimate value revelation. The sensibility of the rates can likewise be affirmed through online correlation with advertise cost on driving web based business entrances.

· Secure and safety – GeM is a totally secure stage and all the records on GeM are e-Signed at different stages by the purchasers and venders.

The forerunners of the providers are confirmed on the web and consequently through MCA21, Aadhar and PAN databases.

What's more, SEBI empaneled FICO assessment organizations are likewise being utilized for leading outsider appraisal of providers.

This would additionally reinforce due tirelessness about the veracity of providers needing to work together on GeM.

For high worth offers/RA on GeM, an e-Bank Guarantee is additionally being presented.

· Potential – On GeM, the channels for choosing merchandise which are Preferential Market Access (PMA) agreeable and those produced by Small Scale Industries (SSI), empowers the Government purchasers to obtain Make in India and SSI products without any problem.

Effectively open MIS additionally empowers the executives and arrangement creators to effectively and adequately uphold the Government guidelines on PMA and SSI sourcing.

After the dispatch of GeM it has been seen that few driving PC makers have put PMA consistent items on GeM.

· Savings – The straightforwardness, proficiency and usability of the GeM entry has brought about a considerable decrease in costs on GeM, in contrast with the delicate, Rate Contract and direct buy rates.

The normal costs on GeM are lower by at least 15-20%, and at times even up to 56%. GeM is likewise doing Demand Aggregation for things that are to be obtained by different Central/State Government Departments.

Request Aggregation is relied upon to additionally drive the costs south, by method of normalization of particulars and economy of scale.

6. Products sold on the portal

1. Computers

  • Desktop

  • Laptops

  • Tablets

  • Computer Accessories like Mouse, Keyboards, External Hard Disk Drives, RAM, Pen Drive

2. Power Bank

3. Office Equipment

  • Photocopiers

  • Printers

  • Pass Book

  • Smart card

  • Bar Code Scanners

  • Scanners

  • Cartridges

4. Paper

  • A4 (210mm X 297mm)

  • Note Sheets

  • Note Books

  • Air Conditioner

  • Multi Media Projectors

  • UPS (Line Interactive and on-line)

  • Packaged drinking water

7. Documents required for the Registration


  • GSTIN Number

  • Bank Account & supporting KYC documents

  • Identity proof

  • Address proof

  • Cancelled cheque copy

  • Aadhar Card

8. What is the payment policy?

Payment for the products or administrations buy through the Government E-Marketplace will be made straightforwardly to the merchant’s financial balance through web-based banking within 10 days after receipt and acknowledgment of the merchandise or benefits or after expiry of 10 days’ time endorsed for merchandise exchange.

9. What is the shipping policy?

In instance of finishing merchant enlistment and posting, the vender will begin accepting requests through the dealer dashboard. Any place a client puts in a request, GeM will send you an email alarm and requests can be overseen through the GeM gateway itself. In the wake of accepting the request, it’s the vender’s duty to pack the thing and convey it to the purchaser on-schedule. It is the vender's duty to convey the items securely to the representative.

10. Steps to register for buyer and seller

1. Go to web page and select option on buyer or seller.

2. Business Registration – The firm ready to sell on GeM entrance or for the most part beginning a lawful plan of action would require to join another Private Limited Company or LLP, whenever required. ( in case of a seller)

3. Account setup – fill in the required details and add your details ( in case of a buyer)

4. Documents Registration - Aadhar, PAN, and GSTN enlistment numbers should be acquired.

5. Linking bank account - A Bank account should be opened and enrolled with name of the business firm.

6. GeM Registration - GeM Seller or specialist organization enrollment to be finished by enlisting on the web and giving required data and records.

7. E-Sign Terms and Conditions - After every essential structure are topped off, GeM terms and conditions should be e-marked.

8. Information - Get the hang of selling on GeM gateway, utilization of GeM Dashboard and methods.

9. Start Selling – start listing your products and prices based on the availability and requirement of the market (in case of a seller)

10. Start buying – in case you are a buyer, select the category to buy products and then add them to compare, as there will be many seller you have an opportunity of comparing the products.

11. Order the product in case you are a buyer and dispatch the products in case you are a seller.

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